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Our team served over 4,600,000 Facebook impressions in the 2022 cycle.

Ron Desantis Facebook


Facebook ads play a pivotal role in modern political campaigns, offering immense value in terms of reach, targeting capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. The platform’s extensive user base, consisting of billions of active users globally, allows political campaigns to tap into a vast audience and maximize their visibility. Additionally, Facebook’s advanced targeting options empower campaigns to tailor their ads based on demographics, interests, and location, ensuring they reach the most relevant audience for their message. This precise targeting helps campaigns allocate their resources effectively, focusing on individuals more likely to engage and support their cause.

Neel & Partners, as a leading digital marketing agency, specializes in leveraging the power of Facebook ads to amplify political campaigns. We possess extensive expertise in online advertising, enabling us to develop comprehensive strategies that optimize a campaign’s online presence. By identifying key target audiences, we can create compelling ad content and visually appealing creatives that resonate with voters. We continuously monitor and analyze ad performance, making data-driven adjustments to maximize the impact of the campaign’s Facebook advertising efforts.

In addition to ad creation and management, we offer strategic guidance on campaign messaging and branding. We work closely with the campaign team to comprehend the candidate’s values, goals, and target audience, translating that knowledge into effective ad campaigns. By aligning the Facebook ads with the campaign’s overall strategy, we can enhance the campaign’s chances of success in reaching and engaging voters. With our understanding of online marketing and political campaigns, we are equipped to ensure that Facebook ads contribute significantly to the campaign’s objectives.