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Over 35 years of combined winning experience.

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Hiring a firm is crucial for the success of any political campaign. Firms like Neel & Partners specialize in developing effective strategies and tactics that help candidates connect with voters, build a strong campaign infrastructure, and ultimately secure victory. A professional campaign strategy firm brings expertise, experience, and a proven track record, allowing candidates to focus on their message and connect with voters while leaving the intricacies of campaign planning to the experts.

We have established ourselves with a reputation for running successful campaigns at various levels of government. Our firm’s team of seasoned political strategists understands the intricacies of the political landscape and possesses a deep knowledge of voter behavior, demographics, and messaging techniques. We utilize cutting-edge data analytics and research to develop comprehensive campaign strategies that target the right audience and maximize our candidate’s chances of success.

We have demonstrated our ability to navigate complex political environments and lead campaigns to success and our firm’s approach is highly personalized, tailoring strategies to fit the unique needs and goals of each candidate. With Neel & Partners, you can expect a dedicated and passionate team that will work tirelessly to create a winning campaign, utilizing innovative techniques and leveraging their extensive network of political connections to gain an edge in the race.

With the knowledge and expertise of Neel & Partners we were able to put together a winning strategy. Ryan and his team were always accessible and did a fantastic job at implementing the campaign strategy and helped us win with a 60/40 win over my challenger.

Daphne StanleyGarland ISD School Board Place 4